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Contributions by Users

Regarding any text, photo, video, post, communication, music, audio/sound recording, artwork, ratings, reviews, or other materials or information you provide associated with the Lifeline Industries Web Site (“Submission”), these Terms regulate your behavior, your rights, and Lifeline Industries’s rights. By submitting a submission, you consent to the following terms: Your submission is authentic, factual, made by you, and does not contain any impersonations; you are a genuine user of the Lifeline Industries product(s) mentioned in your submission, and it accurately reflects your opinion of and experience with the Lifeline Industries product(s); you are over the legal age of majority, or, in the case of a minor, your parent or legal guardian has given their consent to your submission; you are not an employee of Lifeline Industries, nor do you work for an affiliate or agency of Lifeline Industries that Lifeline Industries has hired to promote and/or sell its products; OR, if you are an employee of Lifeline Industries or work for an affiliate or agency of Lifeline Industries. your submission doesn’t contain any content or materials meant to cause trouble or mislead people, like submitting several Submissions to try to take over the forum or publishing a Submission that has nothing to do with the topic or theme chosen for the forum;

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